Friday, August 7, 2015

All About Me

 For your entertainment and to really get to know me here are 100 little known facts about me:
(I('m)('ve), my)

1. Have a hamster that's litter box trained 
2. always travel with a pillow
3. Love earthy colors. Forest green, autumn red, sunset orange 
4. Moths creep me out
5. eat and throw with my left hand
6. love water, swimming, wading, watching
7. was born in Florida 
8. favorite lotion is called toasted sugar
9. have eczema 
10. never had braces
11. Can't stand nail polish
12. Collect necklaces
13. Still have my wisdom teeth 
14. Make people wear seatbelts even in their car
15. hair and eyes are my favorite physical features
16. Love Totino's pizza
17. Chocolate chip muffins are my breakfast of choice
18. Still have my tonsils 
19. Love tomatoes on sandwiches and burgers 
20. Hate peanut butter
21. Used to be allergic to fruit
22. Finished writing three books and one screenplay
23. toothbrush is orange
24. Want to be a good mom more than anything (when the time comes)
25. Want to be a second grade teacher
26. Hate bananas 
27. Failed the written drivers test the first time
28. Never been asked to a dance
29. Was asked on my first date several months after my 18th birthday
30. Love climbing things
31. Love thunder storms
32. favorite song is 'when can I see you again' by owl city
33. favorite movie is 'wreck-it ralph'
34. Love macaroni and cheese
35. Love seafood
36. Pretty flexible (can't do the splits though)
37. Always wanted to learn dance or gymnastics 
38. Pick the skin off my lips
39. room is nearly always clean (I might not keep it as clean at times I'm not feeling well)
40. Hate school
41. Only ever had one job
42. The most I ever weighed was 182lbs
43. Have the same birthday as William Shakespeare 
44. Have pretty low self esteem
45. Tend to be happy when I'm with people 
46. favorite Disney princess is a tie between Mulan and Rapunzel 
47. Don't have tv or Netflix 
48. Love ice cream
49. Feel alone often
50.    ()
      :(    ):   <--- platypus 
51. Favorite emoji 🐙
52. Been cooking since I was 12
53. Favorite book is 'clockwork prince'
54. Feel that I'm a burden 
55. Favorite bird is the chickadee 
56. Obsessed with ocean life
57. have panic attacks, sometimes stop breathing
58. Favorite drink is chocolate milk
59. Favorite candy bar is snickers 
60. Know the difference between their, they're, and there
61. Love fake flowers
62. Love listening to people and hearing their stories 
63. Love dragonflies 
64. Was born in Florida 
65. Lived in Germany (until I was about 2)
66. Have 4 pillows on my bed
67. Favorite stuffed animal growing up was an elephant
68. 5' 9"
69. Prefer others are happy even if it takes away from my happiness
70. Want nothing more than to feel loved and cared about 
71. Love writing in my journal. I'm on my 5th
72. Favorite season is spring
73. Favorite place to eat is costa vida
74. Hate any cake but vanilla
75. Hate wearing socks
76. Can't stand the smell of coffee
77. Like the freedom of pants and looking fancy in skirts
78. Love the feel of family
79. Love all animals
80. Have depression
81. Love Zelda 
82. Want a corgi 
83. Enjoy clothes shopping 
84. Don't drink pop
85. Superpower of choice is breathing under water
86. Enjoy taking pictures of nature
87. been sexually assaulted (reason for fear of the dark)
88. Make many wishes
89. Still suck my thumb
90. Favorite number is 3
91. Often feel I'm not good enough
92. Hate being alone
93. Guess I'm easily forgotten 
94. Middle name is Lyn
95. hate heat and cold
96. only been bowling once
97. have real swords
98. like modeling
99. never had a guy treat me with respect for long
100. wish I wasn't so 'attractive' 'hot' 'sexy'

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